Welcome to Street Smart Defensive Arts! We are the premier martial arts and fitness center that provides a fun, safe and life-changing experience for students of all ages.

Our mission is to foster self-improvement and personal development through focused training and discipline. We promote top physical fitness and positive social interaction in a FUN and FRIENDLY atmosphere.

Our greatest responsibility is to instill in your child a sense of discipline and a code of ethics to inspire them to be good role models now and always.

Street Smart Defensive Arts strive to provide a unique and lifelong learning opportunity and alternative to traditional ways of health, fitness and self-improvement.

We cater to ALL ages, skill and fitness levels. So, whether you are trying martial arts for the very first time, want to earn a Black Belt or train to compete, you’ll find the perfect program to meet your needs right here.

Kids’ classes are designed to instill a well-rounded mixed martial arts skill set with emphasis on the seven SUCCESS principles of a Black Belt…

  • Modesty
  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Self-control
  • Perseverance
  • Respect
  • Unconquerable Spirit

Your child will develop valuable life skills like goal setting and team building and gain tremendous self-confidence. Our goal for your child and every student is to increase their physical and mental strength, fitness and overall development. And we accomplish that by doing EXCITING drills and techniques like amazing kicks, awesome punches and mind-blowing throws while having lots of FUN! There’s never a dull moment in any class… ever. 

Wow… so many POSITIVE benefits! PRICELESS benefits! And very AFFORDABLE!

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Karate is challenging and will help your kids handle mental stress – by developing a sharp mental focus and self-awareness – and real world problems such as bullying and peer pressure.

The SELF-CONFIDENCE and DISCIPLINE your child will get from martial arts will help them develop effective coping strategies for dealing with and resolving confrontations with peers.

While stressing the importance of safety and teaching kids a unique set of physical self-defense skills, your child will be BULLY-PROOF, no matter how big the bully may be. That gives you and your child a ton of peace of mind!

When you and your family train in our programs, everyone acquires higher self-esteem, more self-control, respect and humility. Grades improve and attention to detail becomes greater.

Read below to get a feel for the fantastic leadership here; that way you can feel comfortable and ask us any questions that pop up about our amazing curriculum.

Head Instructor

Since the age of 7 years old, Renshi Todd has been involved in various Martial Arts. Beginning with boxing at the old Beaches Boxing Club in downtown Toronto, that passion has never wavered.

Throughout public school, high school and college, Todd competed in many sports, but always returned to his one true passion, the Martial Arts. He trained in both Judo and Aikido as part of his Martial Arts journey and ultimately returned to the art of Karate.

Todd quickly realized that he had a knack for teaching and coaching. He also had the perfect disposition of an enthusiastic and effective coach which, in turn, allowed his students to thrive and excel in the Martial Arts, as well.

Renshi Todd’s passion is to provide students the skills and confidence needed to successfully defend themselves. After doing a lot of research into additional Martial Arts knowledge and skill, Todd attended and successfully completed the Personal Defense Readiness certification in New York offered through Blauer Tactical, and is a fully certified Personal Defense Readiness Instructor. 

His thirst for knowledge also took him to Atlantic City in 2015 to become certified by Master Apolo Ladrain the Filipino Martial Art of Kali.

Creating Confident Students” is now Todd’s main goal. After training in Karate for numerous years under Shihan Lou Deadder and receiving his Second Dan Sensei Title, Todd opened Street Smart Defensive Arts and, at the request of High School Phys. Ed. teachers, began teaching his ground-breaking self-defense program to tens of thousands of students in numerous high schools throughout Ontario.

He decided to open his own Dojo and pursue his true passion, the Martials Arts, on a full-time basis. Todd opened Karate schools in Ajax, Whitby and Courtice. The Ajax and Whitby Karate schools later combined and continue to operate at 300 Church Street in Ajax.

Needing a larger space for the ever-growing east Durham student base, a new 4,000 sq. ft. facility in Oshawa was acquired and now The Courtice Karate Club and Street Smart Defensive Arts have a fantastic training facility located at 716 Wilson Rd. S. in Oshawa.

Renshi Todd’s other noteworthy accomplishments include being exceedingly proud of the fact that both his children and wife are also Black Belts and continue to train on a regular basis. Street Smart Defensive Arts is a truly fun and engaging family business, where their focus is on helping students build confidence, skill, and attain their Martial Arts goals.

Renshi Todd’s Current rank of 4th degree Black Belt was awarded to him by the United States Martial Arts Association in 2015.

Meet Todd Sullivan
Owner at Street Smart Defensive Arts in Ajax, ON
4th Degree Black Belt

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